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Hello Sunshine,

There are so many exciting ways we can work together, from one-on-one coaching to joining me on my amazing worldwide retreats. If that doesn’t float your boat, I also have an online option for you, to travel exclusively with me in your own living room or take you wherever and whenever on the worldwide web to your own personalised retreat in the form of online courses, workshops and retreats. Not only that…get in touch with me if you feel I could deliver my transformational retreats, or deliver my message in your neck of the woods. Let’s come together, and transform, and switch on to my inspirational tv channel, and become a part of a delicious, unconditional, loving online community.

I believe in you. Let’s do this.

How Can I Help You Shine?

Teacher Training

I am super excited to announce the launch of my Global Online Kundalini Teacher Training Academy accredited by Yoga Alliance. It is a 200 hour Kundalini yoga accredited professional course for both men and women of all ages

The course is for complete beginners and beyond. You do not need to have practiced Kundalini yoga or taught yoga before. You will be fully accredited and respected as a kundalini yoga meditation teacher, facilitator and practitioner and be able to fly freely around the world teaching in your own unique capacity.

The course will commence on 11th January 2024 for a 4 month period. Within four months you will be a fully fledged certified teacher. For further information email dawn@dawnharlow.com.


I become the zero so you can become the hero. Sign up and fill out the form if you would like to book a personal session with me. We get to the bottom of where you are stuck in your life and why. We look at the relationships in your life, find common themes, and give you the medicine wisdom and a course of action for you to bust through your blocks. Take charge of your life and become the person you want to be. We focus and awaken your unique gifts and talents to catapult you to your designated destiny. Maybe it is a one-time hit of an angel messenger download that you need or signing up for my course of sessions. Whatever it is. My spirit name is Angel Messenger of God, given to me due to my capabilities as a messenger from the angelic realm, combined with real-life psychology science and life coaching. We make the impossible possible. Walking A spiritual path. Living a practical life. Be prepared for some major downloads on where you are, Why you are there, Where you are going and how to get you there.


One of my absolute joys is speaking on stages around the world and sharing my powerful message as an abuse survivor who rose up showed up and woke up. I Inspire women to survive and thrive beyond abuse. There is another path. You do not have to suffer. I share how kundalini yoga healed and transformed my life and the magic that ensued – unexplained magical experiences carrying me to healing and rewriting the story of my life. You can live a life beyond what you’re experiencing and suffering now. It’s magic and it’s ready for you. You were not born to suffer. My absolute love is inspiring and connecting with women around the globe and sharing my stories of courage wisdom and the journey of being a woman combined with the magic of becoming YOU.

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