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I am wholly and solely dedicated to serving you on your delicious journey. Permission to Shine™ came about as a result of my experience and survival of a toxic relationship. Ultimately I gave my power away, lost my identity, voice and self-esteem. I gave it all away in order to be loved and accepted. I was afraid to shine and live to my fullest potential.

A voice resounding in my head constantly asked, “Who am I to be so brilliant?” When the question really should have been, “Who am I not to be?”

I transformed from a ‘dead’ woman walking who was living someone else’s life, to a vivacious independent woman who had reclaimed her freedom and power to live out her true destiny.

My truth self illuminated a new pathway to a destiny far beyond anything I could have imagined. This really happened once I let go of peoples’ perceptions and validations. Finally I was able to climb to the mountain of my highest self. This road was not easy, but guess what? That’s where the power to create magic lies. Yet it is always a continuing journey. I am holding out my hand to yours with a heartfelt sharing of my journey and my transformation in order for you to give yourself PERMISSION TO SHINE™.  

My Mission

My mission is for you to become the alchemist of your own life. Awaken to the magic that truly resides within you. Awaken to your innate power. Be Free of those relationships that are no longer serving you. Step out of the abuse. The trauma. Heal it. Create the life you want. No more excuses. No more drama and no more putting everyone else first.  It’s time for you to shine… It’s time.

You know the buried treasure that is YOU waiting to unveil itself. Well, that’s the golden ticket to more financial abundance. More love more freedom. More adventure and more power and more Beauty. That’s the missing link to you rewriting the story of your life and being unapologetically you. I want you to rise up. Stand up and step out and unleash that power within you no matter what the story is. That, my love, is my mission. I become the zero so you become the hero. Let’s start. Right here. Right now. Because you are all that matters.

Professional Bio

Dawn Harlow is a spiritual teacher, global speaker and author of her soon to be released book, Permission to Shine™. Rising from chick to eagle. A KRI certified kundalini yoga teacher to Level 3. Dawn studied and trained in rishikesh India on the banks of the river Ganges. For the last 10 years, she has dedicated her life to studying and mastering the ancient sacred technology of humanology and kundalini yoga under the blessed guidance of a master teacher, the first-born son of Yogi Bhajan the originator of kundalini yoga.

Founder of her company, Mission to Shine, Dawn is deeply passionate and dedicated to empowering both men and women globally to release deep-seated trauma, relinquish the small self and step into their power and identity. She is the catalyst for both men and women to unlock their unique gifts and talents and live a life of freedom. Freedom to be prosperous. Freedom To be seen, to be heard and live authentically, fulfilling the destiny they were born to live. Happy. Powerful. Purposeful. Vital and Prosperous. The birthright of every woman. Kundalini yoga saved Dawn’s life and empowered her to survive and thrive beyond the abuse she had suffered and live a life beyond her dreams. She made a pledge in her survival that she would dedicate her life to serving and saving the lives of others, becoming the vessel for them to reach their ultimate destiny. Amongst her clients and peers, she is known as a pioneer and spiritual thought leader. Not one to follow. She leads teaching in a unique style as wholeheartedly challenging the old archetypes of the typical identity of a female spiritual teacher. Empowerment through spirituality for the modern-day woman. Deeply dedicated to the teachings of Yogi Bhajan and his vision and legacy, Dawn is passionate about sharing the teachings of kundalini yoga for everyday life and everyday people around the globe.

Dawn is particularly committed to challenging old beliefs pertaining to the notion that spirituality and prosperity do not go hand in hand. Dawn’s teachings focus on the prosperous women of our time and how essential that is, not only for the true empowerment of women equally, but also for the redistribution of wealth and for the highest good of others and the planet.

Her spiritual name, Angel Messenger of God, is indeed a representation of this gift to serve her clients. Knowing the unknown and seeing the unseen, she is able to deliver knowledge and wisdom to catapult their lives to where they should be. Her style of delivery is with an iron fist and a silk glove in order that women rise from chick to eagle. Quote. ‘I become the zero so my client becomes the hero.’ ‘Amongst her students and peers, she is known as a wisdom keeper and whole-hearted alchemist for change. Inspiring women with a wealth of storytelling wisdom and an absolute devotion to the truth, she helps women rewrite the story of their lives, mentoring women personally and on her worldwide retreats. Dawn regularly finds herself saying to her clients. ‘Don’t shoot the messenger.’ She delivers her message in a safe, nurturing environment with an absolute dedication to busting her students through their blocks with a massive amount of love and sobering truth.

When she is not teaching and coaching women towards their best lives and their most important relationships, Dawn adores spending quality time with the people she loves the most, spending time in nature and enjoying global travel. A fashionista at heart, you can find her browsing the latest collections on Bond Street or Fifth Avenue and travelling the world in search of more wisdom and life-changing enriching experiences in order to serve others. A science nerd at heart, she can be found devouring the latest science and research in spirituality, health, wealth and psychology.

‘Divorce your past and marry your true future self, she proclaims…:) Give yourself the Permission to Shine™. It’s your Time. The time is now. Step up. Step out. Rise up and shine.’Working with dawn is life-changing. Once touched by her wisdom, loving presence and profound dedication to helping you shine, you will feel an invincibility, a knowing, and will have a plan to change the course of your life. Embodying the courage to manifest and design your best life. Awakening your gifts and your talents with a complete freedom to be you. Wholly, soulfully and unapologetically YOU.

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Let us cocoon ourselves in an exotic nurturing environment. Let’s come together with like-minded souls. Let’s connect, step away from the daily stresses and strains of your life.let go.clear your mind and revitalize yourself.relax, renew into a brand new you.where the final destination is perfectly and beautifully YOU I will take you on a blissful journey of a lifetime in a breathtaking setting…WHERE THE FINAL DESTINATION is YOU…

Relax, Renew and Reclaim You